A Must-have Hanger for Your Closet

A Must-have Hanger for Your Closet

For girls, it seems that their closets are flooded with clothes but they still feel they have nothing to wear. We may keep losing clothes, struggling for space in our closets, and that brings closet organizers into our selections for organizing our closets.

Magic Hangers are basically black, plastic, cascading hangers. They provide a closet with more space and uniformity, allowing you to have a neat closet which can storage more clothes.

Generally speaking,

Pros of the magic hangers are:

More space

With one hanger, you can hang about four to five garments. It makes good use of the vertical space in your closet. Especially when you find out the horizontal space is limited, you may have ignored the vertical space which could also be used for storage.

Convenient to use

It helps organize your closet. You can organize your clothes by color, usage, material. It is similar to normal hangers, but with more flexibility.

Help you find clothes combination

Without magic hanger, you may need to drag out several clothes to find the best outfits for specific conditions. Magic hanger could make this procedure happen in your closet. Clothes displayed vertically could help you find your best choices easily.

Cons of magic hanger:

They break

As one single magic hanger need to hold several garments at same time, they are easier to break than other hangers. But it actually depends on the material of your hanger, clothes you hang.

HOUSE DAY 10.5 Inch Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Magic Hangers

House day closet space saving wardrobe clothing magic hanger has provided a great quality with well designs, durability, and low price as well.

HOUSE DAY 10.5 Inch Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Magic Hangers

【Pack of 8】

Perfect quantity with wonderful price.Each hanger organizer hangs horizontally can hold 12 garments (up to 10lbs). While vertically can hold 6 pieces (up to 30lbs)! Suit for your heavy overcoat. $17.99, you could get a pack of 8 magic hangers.

【Large Hook Opening】

HOUSE DAY 10.5 Inch Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Magic Hangers

The enhanced design of our cascading hangers features a much larger hook opening (1.61 inches) which could fit a wider range of closet rod diameters. Narrow hook opening would increase the possibility of breaking hanger, as if there exists no space between hook and rod, you would drag the hanger harder to get your clothes out of closet. This hanger provides a proper space between rod and hook, which would protect your hanger, and would not be too loose to use.

【Durable Metal Magic Hanger】

These chrome magic hangers keep away from rust and sharp edges with smoothed metal edging. Compared with the plastic magic hanger, the natural wonder magic hanger won't bend or break and can hold any type of garment on wire, plastic, or wooden hangers.

HOUSE DAY 10.5 Inch Closet Space Saving Wardrobe Clothing Magic Hangers
【What is it】

Increase the amount of hanging space in your closet! Store multiple garments on a single magic hanger, keeping clothes organized and wrinkle-free. Especially good for users whose closet has large vertical space. Have a closet with limited height? No worries, this magic hanger could also be used horizontally.