Small Step Stool for Kids - Acko Folding Step Stool

Small Step Stool for Kids - Acko Folding Step Stool

Kids love moving, back and forth, up and down. While parents treasure their kids’ interests, parents keep worrying about child’s safety when kids reaching the sink area for brushing their teeth or trying to grab snacks from top of refrigerator. Step stools would help most kids to reach surfaces that are high and unreachable for kids. They should be stable, easy to use, and provide safety guarantee for kids. While they don’t have to be as tall as other stepladders, and if they are foldable, we won’t spend lots of space placing them when they are not being used.

Acko Folding Step Stool for kids

Acko Folding Step Stool

Acko Folding Step Stool is one step stool great for kids. It has light weight, small size, stable platform, and anti-slip designs.

Acko Folding Step Stool for kids



Height of step stools for kids is the most essential part. It should be easily reached by kids using their legs. 13” is a proper height for kids. While its platform is 11.5” by 8.5”, which is capable for kids or adults standing or sitting on it.

Even after folding it, its height is only 16.5” that would not take up too much space.

Acko Folding Step Stool for kids


Manufactured to Acko standards, made from tough & durable lightweight plastic. Even after considering its small size, 3 pound weight is comparable light for kids. Plastic would reduce the probability of hurting kids, while it is durable and tough that could provide premium quality. It doesn’t show what is the maximum loading weight. But based on reviews, we could learn that it would support about 200-300 lbs. Which is pretty good considering its light weight.


Designed fold easily and quickly, Just pull up the handle and push in the sides, the Acko folding stool is great for use indoors and outdoors, kitchen bathroom or the garden. It could be used as step stool for standing or chair for sitting on.

Acko Folding Step Stool for kids
Ergonomic carrying handle allows for easy and comfortable carrying allowing you to take the step stool anywhere. It is a useful design, which makes the stool portable. When your kids want to play in garden, you could even hold this stool one hand, while holding your child by the other hand at the same time.


Acko have designed a safety stop gap feature that allows the foldable stool to prevent being squashed, great for kids.

Acko Folding Step Stool for kids

Seeing from bottom, we could find a super strong internal construction which could provide extra stability.
Anti-slip design is also included by Acko folding step stool. Special rubber dots on the surface and anti slip surface on the feets help stabilise and prevent slipping, especially around the kitchen bar, bathroom areas.


Small size of it makes it a proper choice for kids. Folding and portable design helps you carry it easily. Anti-slip, durable but light material protects your children. Acko Folding Step Stool would be a perfect choice for you if you have kids, and it is on sale for only $16.89 on amazon. You would enjoy a 44% discount if you buy it now. Acko has also provided other choices which hold similar designs with this 13” folding step stool. If your kids are taller, you may choose Acko 16 Inches Super Strong Folding Step Stool. Or Acko 9" x 11" Black Folding Step Stool would take even smaller space.