Stuff We Love - The Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

Stuff We Love - The Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit

Back to the Roots is on a mission to Undo Food. In a college class, we learned mushrooms could grow entirely on spent coffee grounds. After watching hours of how-to videos and turning our fraternity kitchen into a big science experiment, we eventually decided to give up our corporate job offers to instead become full-time mushroom farmers. What started as curiosity about urban farming has turned into a passion to Undo Food and reconnect families back to where it comes from.

PERFECT FOR ALL AGES - Learn how to grow gourmet, organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box in just 10 days! Just add water to this mushroom growing kit – no separate mushroom spores or mushroom seeds needed!

GUARANTEED TO GROW - This award-winning, mushroom grow kit comes with our "100% Guaranteed to Grow" promise, making it great for beginners. We promise your mushroom log kit will grow or we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

WHAT'S INCLUDED - Growing your own mushrooms has never been easier — the mushroom garden includes organic, plant-based soil inside (yields multiple crops!), oyster mushroom spores, a spray mister for easy watering, and organic heirloom tomato seeds to grow with your composted mushroom kit.

PERFECT GIFT OR SCHOOL PROJECT - Unopened, this organic mushroom farm lasts for months, making it a great family gift, child gift, science gift or education gift. We hope to help every family experience the magic of growing their own food & make gardening part of every school curriculum!

ORGANIC, NON-GMO & 100% GROWN IN THE USA - All Back to the Roots products are organic, non-GMO and 100% grown in the United States. We hope you join the Back to the Roots family as we work to "Undo Food" and connect back to where it comes from.