TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Organizer

TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Organizer

Common cosmetics include lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, rouge, skin cleansers and skin lotions, perfume and cologne. In your collection would have maybe 1-2 products for each type, which would be more than 20 small things in total. Storage of them would become an issue as well as selecting from them. Disorganized storage of cosmetics would waste a lot of time for your makeup procedure, and would waste a lot of money when you think you have lost some products which actually are sitting in corner.

TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Organizer selling for $21.23 on amazon is one of the best solution for your disorganized storage of cosmetics. It is flexible to use, easy to organize, and provide high quality and lifetime guarantee.

TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Organizer

TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Organizer



Allowing quick and easy selection to your beauty products without the hassle of searching endlessly from a make-up bag. You could keep your everyday essentials in one place, clutter-free, saving valuable time at busy periods.

The Acrylic material used enable you to see all your collections at a glance. It would avoid wasting time finding a specific item.


Its size is 11.9 x 7.3 x 14 inches ; 5.1 pounds. It can keep enough makeup in this organizer to have at your fingertips on your vanity. It's well made and looks gorgeous. The drawers slide out like they've been greased with magic, and the black liner lays flat without having to be weighed down. The light weight would also enable you to carry them easily.

         > MULTI-PURPOSE

Use perfect for storing your makeup, jewelry, office supplies, and more Display your favorite goods in bathroom,desktop and dressing table neatly.

         > FLEXIBLE TO USE

TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Jewelry Organizer

Removable Drawers Side Out Smoothly. You could use those three parts separately or put them together. Top part is perfect for small makeups, and could be placed on desks which would not take up too much space. The other two parts could be placed under bed or inside your drawers. But if you keep them together, you could put all your makeup, jewelry together, which would be convenient. From my perspective, storage them separately would be a better choice, as putting them together would be too tall that may influence your room overlook.


Acrylic material is imported from Japan,which is durable and super crystal, no crash,the transmittance up to 92%. This organizer is light, but durable. The transparent outlook provided is perfect for makeup organization.


Don’t worry about the possible damage during shipping. All the acrylic frame was wrapped with PE bag and hard carton box that ensure safe delivery without scratches and without any other damage, regardless of how your delivery person handles the package.


If you don't think that this is the desirable acrylic frame available, simply ask for a complete and full refund with just one click. Get your money back directly from Amazon - no questions asked. So buy it today with confidence!